Do you need a new website for your school?

This is a demo school website created by EMPRA - a PR and marketing agency working exclusively in education. We have created this school website using the SquareSpace platform to demonstrate what your school's website could look like, and the sorts of features it could include. The pages are for demonstration purposes, and the images are all stock photographs.

This demo school website is fully responsive, meaning that it works on all devices - desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile phone.

This website has all the room you need to ensure you are Ofsted and GDPR compliant - have a look around the pages, it might give you an idea of the sort of content you could include.

The site can be linked to your social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook. It supports galleries, video, blogs, calendars and more!

If you have any questions please email: or call 01264 394090


Suitable for all schools…


Welcome to our DEMo Schools Website

Your school is a friendly, caring and motivating environment - a new, website could really help your organisation to amplify its messages and engage families.

A website to be proud of…


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